Day #11 – Dogs and mirrors.


Im trying to be aware of everything that happens to me at the moment and stay positive. Rather than concentrating on the negative of a situation, I’m trying to find the lesson. It’s quite difficult to stick to. Especially when you’re thrown into situations that make you angry with people that infuriate you and you’re used to dealing with that by ranting about the situation to someone else. I want to see what the universe is trying to teach me. The reason being that for cosmic ordering to properly work – and thats the experiment – you need to be swimming in the happy lane. Not alongside Eeyore and Sadsack. Here we are. Swimming in the freaking happy lane. Crap being thrown at us left right and centre and we have to keep smiling. And mean it. Wow. Dream catching really isn’t for the faint hearted.

I bought a book. ‘The Cosmic Ordering Service’ by Barbel Mohr. I opened it and read this:

“Somewhere, in a land far away, there was a temple that housed a hall of one thousand mirrors. One day it so happened that a dog got lost in the temple and arrived at this hall. Suddenly confronted with one thousand of his mirror images, he growled and barked at these presumed enemies. These, however, returned his growling and teeth flashing a thousand times over. The dog in turn got even more aggressive. And as the situation got more and more heated, the dog got more and more out of control, and finally reached such an extreme state of aggression and exertion that he dropped dead.

Some time passed, and along came another dog, who also got lost in the temple and arrived at the same hall of one thousand mirrors. This dog, too, saw that he was surrounded by one thousand dogs of his kind. He then started to wag his tail with joy at these other dogs and, in return, one thousand dogs happily wagged their tails back at him. Happy and encouraged, the dog found a way out of the temple.”

Now think about all the people you met over the last week. Strangers, people in shops, family, friends, work colleagues. Any interaction you had with people. What was it like? Were the majority of those memories happy? Uplifting? Or draining and hard work?

Those people, those feelings, are your mirror. They are reflecting your inner self. Like attracts like. It’s the way we vibrate apparently. Try it consciously this week. Think happy. Think positive. Think goodness… and see the shift in the behaviour of the people around you. Its quite nice. If we want the people around us to change, we have to change ourselves. Working on it. Anyone got a pill for ‘patience’?

Whilst doing this, it’s also important to surround yourself with good people. People who make you happy. The most positive person in the world is still subject to emotional vampires. (Thank you Charlotte for the buzz word!) Protect yourself from those who drain you or are against you for whatever reason. Listen to your instincts. Be prepared to meet people on your journey that will try to pull you off track. Make you feel negative. Deplete your energy. Its times like that when you need to focus even harder – like you thought it would even be possible – not to be dragged down. Don’t go back to your old ways. Shatter the old ways. The old patterns. The limitations that have held you back. Smile even harder. Breathe even deeper. Walk even taller. Love even more.

I failed at that today. Briefly, but surely. I’ve decided to shake that off and start again.

Can’t nothing bring me down. x




One response to “Day #11 – Dogs and mirrors.

  1. I really like your angle on this–that the people who show up are mirrors for how we ourselves are vibrating. Sometimes that’s cool, huh? And, sometimes it just sucks because the mirror is held up to us and we don’t want to admit that that’s how we’re behaving. Anyway, I replied to your comment on my blog about the synchronistic events and their meanings or lack thereof.

    They may explain what value I get out of the synchronistic experiences. Glad we’re connected!


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