Day #15 – Progress Report



Two weeks ago, I’m not sure that many people really knew that I wanted to be a singer. A few people knew I liked singing. But as a hobby. Not anything I’d want to do as a job or publicly. The word ‘public’ is still somewhat terrifying, but I’m guessing the more you do it, the more it seems normal. I don’t even care. I’ve got into a habit of every time I feel fear, of not caring. I feel about fear now the same way I feel about voting. Apathetic. You see what I did there? Got my soap box in. I can’t even be bothered with it. I still feel the fear, I just imagine pushing it aside, and walking through it. I’m sure this is in one of the hippy books I’m reading. I have a stack.

When I started this, I thought that maybe 3 to 5 people might read my blog. I am so grateful and genuinely humbled that so many of you have taken an interest and the time to have a read. That was my intent. To inspire people to wake up and chase their dreams. To remember that we are all actually really capable of everything. So many people have admitted their own secrets and desires to me since starting this. No dirty ones yet. It makes me smile. Let’s all go for it. It really beats talking about teething and sleep 24/7. People do that when you have children. Assume any other interest or activity you had or did pre child has gone. You want to know what disappears after 3 children? Alone time. Mixed with a little sanity.

What have I done in the last 2 weeks?

I have decided exactly what I want. Exactly. I haven’t decided how I’m going to get it, but I’m exploring lots of different options. I’ve started to change the way I think. If I catch myself being negative, I just stop it. I change the subject. I’m doing something every single day towards my dream. I’m more focused than I’ve ever been. Ive had a singing lesson. And I’ve created this website. Oh yeah and I tweet. I started to tweet.. My face is currently screwed up. It sort of disgusts me. But whatever. You’ve got to be down with the kids. I’m friends with Oprah Winfrey now. Does life get much better? I’m just not sure.

So thats it. Thats all I’ve done. What results have I got? After 2 weeks.. and I have 50 more to play with…

My sister has asked me to sing at her wedding with a ridiculously talented musician we both went to school with. Super excited about that. My best friend has asked me to sing with another of her friends who is a beautiful singer at her wedding. Always dreamed of being a wedding singer. Never saw the movie. Liked the title. Be careful what you think about… Another incredibly talented guy came over, played some piano and tested his patience with me. Today I met with some people from The Voice team and have applied for the next series. A good friend I used to work with is all on board to do some duets with her guitar. Oh and another friend is looking for some female vocals to go over his tracks which sounded like Germany. All over that.

Feeling both overwhelmed and charged. All I’ve done different this time really is changed my attitude.

I am tired.

All I have to do to meet my May target is set up my youtube channel and start making some videos to upload… If anyone has any advice on how to record music videos, in a simple way, would be much appreciated. Or if anyone wants to play their guitar or piano in a beautiful fashion, holler.

Thank you everyone for your support. Really. X




One response to “Day #15 – Progress Report

  1. hoda sepehrara

    This is SO inspiring.’s crazy, and awesome and magical to watch opportunities come flooding in the moment you’re on the right path and you put that intention out into the world. And you chase it. And you don’t allow the fear to have any power or importance. ..thank you as always for these lessons xxx


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