Day #25 – Chipmunks and stress.

I am so stressed right now.

I have 1 week left. Actually less than a week. I have until Saturday to find a way of recording a song, making my youtube channel and uploading said song to meet my May target. It’s also half term. Tommy is way behind with his projects and I have an audition in London this weekend that I have to prepare for. I want to meet my target. I will meet my target. I sort of have to. It’s how this works… If I don’t meet my target, I’m not being dedicated enough and I don’t get my new pretty tattoo. Which I really want.

Technology hates me. Actually, I hate it. I hated it first.

I got as far as finding photo booth on our macbook. I just learnt it is called a macbook. I put it on chipmunk effect and laughed. Not sure this will secure the record deal.

Hot. Stuff.

Hot. Stuff.

Check out how hot we are. I am so lucky. It’s very important to find laughter in stressful situations.

Apparently, for cosmic ordering to work, it’s important to be relaxed and erm, not stressed. I’m struggling with this step. I’m a pretty stressed person. I have 3 children. My alarm clock is a crying baby.  The only time I get to myself presently is this hour. And here I am blogging away. I practice singing with a toddler around my ankles. Sometimes when I go outside, I have to look down at my body because I can’t even remember if I’ve got dressed. But stress is destructive. I know it is. I just threw a book at Tommy’s head. I missed unfortunately. But there we were. Book chucking. Well actually he was towel chucking. It’s not good, for anybody.

My book (that I just threw) says that to be less stressed, and return to our natural relaxed state, we have to practice being relaxed more often. When you’re relaxed it’s impossible to have negative thoughts, which in turn makes it easier to draw things you want closer to you. That makes sense. On the whole, I think society is pretty awful at relaxing. Most of us grab a glass of wine or a beer in the evening after a hard day to relax. That’s not actually relaxing though… that’s making us unable to fulfil our real potential. She says… *massive sip*

But actually, in all seriousness, stress is something we need to deal with. Our lives are way too stressful. We’re falling down left, right and centre with it. Not to mention the mental health issues it produces. So from now on, I’m going to do something relaxing that isn’t drinking wine, regularly. My Cosmic Order book has a list of suggestions of activities to do to relax. Things like that always make me laugh. My favourite,

Suggestion 9: ‘Why don’t you go to an especially large toy store and buy something for yourself (you don’t have to tell the sales person that it’s for you)… Children like trying on new looks and costumes… How does the world react when you dress like a punk? … Maybe it will be so much fun for you that you will still be talking about it to your grandchildren and friends twenty years from now.’ – The Cosmic Ordering Service, Barbel Mohr

Why an especially large one? Why would anybody ask you if the toy was for you? Why would you still talk about it for 20 years? Hahaha. Oh dear. This is why these hippy books don’t get popular with the masses. Don’t worry. I’m sifting through it for you.

Today we spent a few hours walking through some forest. For me, being outdoors, amongst the trees and bird songs is really relaxing. Massages are always good. Pick yourself some flowers. Still time. Quiet time. Put your phone down. Turn it off. Turn the TV off. Disconnect from work. From social media. Spend some time. Relax. Breathe… Spend some time with your thoughts. What do you even think about? How are you feeling? Do you know? Stop ignoring yourself. Deal with all of those things you try to bury.

Right. I’m off to sort out this youtube and this song. I’ve got to know someone who can do something. X









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