Day #29 – Appreciation and Gratitude.

When you focus too much on the problems in your life and the things you lack, you not only put all the energy in the wrong place, you become blind to the beauty that is all around you. You simply can’t get and won’t be given any more, until you appreciate what you already have and are grateful for it. Everything that you already have is enough. Yes you want more. But just stop a minute to say thank you for all that you have already. Because you have a lot. All of us do.

Can you love your life with all that you have presently? Can you be happy without the ‘more’ that you’re chasing? It’s a tough one. But we need to be. That’s real gratitude. The good news is that once you can actually do that, there’s no tricking the universe, more will flow your way. Our sense of lack and high expectations actually block us from all that we could be.

Make a list of all of the positive things in your life. Make a list of all your favourite things in your life. Fill your paper with it.  Make lists of things that you love. People you love. Smells you love. Every day just write it all down. If you go to a restaurant look for your favourite things. Expect the best. Make it a daily thing. Write lists and lists and lists of the great things in your life. However small you deem them. Think about how much time you spend typing on Facebook, twitter, text messages, iMessages, emails. You’ve clearly got the time. This will also make you glow like no expensive beauty cream ever can or will. Double whammy.

Remember that sciencey post on Day #27 about vibrations? By appreciating and being grateful for all of the positive and good things in your life, you will begin to shift into a new vibrational frequency. Let’s call it the appreciation zone. Suddenly, you’ll stop complaining and criticising. You will be attracted to better things. Things that only increase this feeling of gratitude. When you’re in this zone – actual magic happens. Well you know, it’s not magic magic, but can’t we just call it that because it sounds more whimsical? Must we always be so serious…

So say ‘Thank you”. All the time. Wake up and say it. Think it. Feel it. Be thankful in the shower, on your way to work. When you have food. When you have clean water. When somebody calls you. That you are warm. Be thankful. Make it a habit. A way of being. Even repeating the word ‘Thank you’ over and over and over again will begin to shift your mind from the negative and complaining zone to a brighter and clearer one.

If you have a spare ten minutes I really recommend watching this. Stick with it. It’s got some wise words and pictures.

(If you’re viewing this in your email you need to click on the link to my wordpress site and view the video within that.)

Be thankful for the things you want but don’t yet have. Feel them. Be grateful. Your words, thoughts and feelings CREATE your reality. X


One response to “Day #29 – Appreciation and Gratitude.

  1. 🙂 One of my favourite videos on gratitude. Thank you for sharing it.


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