Day #36 – The key.

It is near on impossible to stay and be positive all day every day. Well it is for me anyway. I need help. Maybe if I went and spent some delicious time in a peace camp with monks for a few months, I would feel like a dream. Alas, I am here. Very far from camp peace.

Sometimes you just feel like giving up. Like what is the point in all of this? What am I even bothering with all of this for? We’re all tired. We’re behind with everything because I’ve been using a lot of my energy on new things. I’m not sure my house has EVER been this dirty. It’s driving me mad. Don’t believe me? Ask the neighbours. Who incidentally are selling their house. Hope it’s got nothing to do with me being a screaming banshee.

I still want everything I always wanted. I’m just feeling a little mediocre. I’m starting to question why I’m doing this. I’m probably just tired. I am pretty exhausted. I want to lie down and wait for the record label to knock on the door whilst I’m having a nap. I’m not going to do that. I can’t. But it’s really what my body wants to do. Come on Polydor, let’s meet in a lucid dream. I guess we all have our little demons inside that hold us back. If I strip back my thoughts, ‘Im tired, I can’t be bothered’ actually translates to ‘You’re not good enough, so why are you wasting your time’. Bad inner voice. I am good enough. We all are. It’s helpful to stop and think for a while though, what is it that’s holding you back? What is it that stops you before you’ve reached your goal? Are your old thought patterns holding you back? Is it low self esteem? That what you’re striving for has changed and you haven’t realised yet? Are we just lazy? Maybe we don’t want it enough. No? Prove it. Succeed.

Then I watched this. If you’re reading this in your email you might have to jump on wordpress to access the link. My brother emailed it to me. Then I saw this man’s name everywhere, before I even watched it. It’s 30 minutes long – just sound- you don’t have to sit and stare. Listen whilst you’re washing the dishes. Whatever your excuse is why you can’t spare 30 minutes or concentrate. This properly kicked my arse back into gear. Not only is it great because it sounds like the olden days, it’s full of incredible ideas. Like the opposite of courage is conformity not cowardice… instead of competing, we need to create. Play it often in the background. Stick with it.

He’s right we DO live in a golden era! We are so fortunate to live in a rich country. Why are we wasting our opportunities away? Wake up! Shake off your cobwebs, take control, take ownership of your life. It’s yours! Be a success to yourself! Try the 30 day challenge he suggests. You know, if there’s something you want bad enough.

Having a goal is so important. Plant your goal now. Create the reality that you want. Why? Look at the alternative. X


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