Day #53 – Don’t quit.

We can create whatever we want. Whatever we believe about ourselves.

We can create whatever we want. Whatever we believe about ourselves.

Sometimes we have a great idea. We have a moment of enlightenment. We catch a rare glimpse of what our life could be like if we let it. If we just chased that dream. If we just took that leap of faith. We feel alive. Happy. Light. Everything is better. Then something else catches our attention. The phone rings. The boss asks you to do something. You have to pick the kids up from school. The woman in the supermarket is asking you for your club card. You hit back to reality and it feels somehow worse than it did before. You can’t really say why you’re suddenly feeling so irritable and discontent. You’re unaware of what just happened. Day dreaming is making your life miserable. You know exactly what you want, but you’re not going for it. You’re living this life that wasn’t really what you ever wanted.

What’s the answer?

Change it.

Yeah, it’s actually that simple.

First of all, I think it’s important to mention that every situation you find yourself in, you created. Whether you like it or not. You created it based on your beliefs about yourself. It’s what you thought you were worth. It’s as far as you wanted to push yourself. For whatever reason. But it was and is nobody else’s fault that you are where you are today. Owning your situation will make you feel more empowered to change. Forget what has happened in the past. The people that put you down, or made you feel like you weren’t good enough. Again, they were and are a mere projection of how you feel about yourself. Not every door is going to lead somewhere. That doesn’t mean that you are going to fail. It just means you need to try more doors. And you need to keep trying doors until one opens. You can’t stop halfway through and say it’s not working out. Of course it’s not working out. You’re going to quit. The next door might have been the right one! You’ll never know! Keep going. Next. Next. Next…

If you can imagine it. If you can feel it in your daydreams like it is so real, then it can be. Make it happen for yourself. Think about what you want. Entirely and fully. Imagine what it looks like, smells like, sounds like. Imagine how you feel. Where are you? What do you look like? Are you standing different? Are you more confident? If you are miserable because you are not doing what you really want to be doing, then do it. You CANT fail.

The only tool you need is faith. Get rid of your safety harness. Prove to the world what you want. Know what you want. Be specific. Visualise it. Work hard. But don’t worry about how it is going to come about. Sometimes we find opportunity in the strangest of places. Tell everyone who asks you what you’re up to. THIS IS WHAT I’M UP TO! Get in touch with people. Ask people. Someone is always listening. Work on what you want to do every single day. Prepare yourself and your ‘product’ so you’re ready for the next step. Send out the right message.

If you have a list of excuses and reasons that are holding you back, please send them in to me. I’d be more than happy to destroy them for you. Infact please, that would bring me a lot of joy. Send me your dream and why you can’t do it. Anonymously if you must. Contact details are under the tab ‘Contact’ oddly. I’ll blog my favourites as working examples. The only underlying reason that holds any of us back is that we don’t love ourselves. It’s like we’re taught it’s a sin. I’ll blog about this next. It’s important.

It might be stressful. You might get knocked back a lot of times. But keep getting up. Keep moving forwards. Keep on and on and on. Even when you’re crying and saying I can’t do this anymore. Keep doing it some more. What’s the alternative? Curling up in a ball of regret? Nah. Keep working at it. It is tiring. And sometimes you really just don’t want to do it anymore. Someone just make it stop. Unfortunately, it won’t stop. It will never stop, because this is what you’re supposed to do. It’s what your being desires. It won’t stop until you’ve done everything you feel you ever could to make it happen.

Then it’s all Bam. You’ve made it. You’re the new Harry Potter. X



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