Day #61 – Actions create REactions.


Sounds simple enough right?

Everything you do. Everything you say. Everything you think is an action. We are constantly engaging in actions both consciously and unconsciously, big and small. Everything that we do, has an outcome. A reaction. The ripple that we create, spreads and causes other things to happen. It is a natural law.

You might think nothing of making a cup of tea for someone. But that small action might make the person feel cared for or especially thought of when they had been having a rough day. It might mean a lot to them at that time. Likewise you might make a passing comment to a friend. Perhaps those words were taken to heart, taken the wrong way. Perhaps they caused the other person to feel really bad about themselves. We never know what is going on behind the scenes in other peoples minds. We mustn’t take that for granted. Our words are powerful and we should choose them carefully. I know I need to work on this. Our actions, our words, create reactions, situations. We create it all. We create it. That’s an incredible piece of knowledge.

Pay attention to your words. Pay attention to your actions.

How does this relate to dream chasing? Well, if we become aware that every action we take creates a reaction, we can use this to our advantage. We can become aware of ourselves. Why have things stopped moving? Why aren’t things happening or going as we had planned? Lets take a look at our actions. What have you DONE recently in pursuit of your dreams? Anything? Nothing? Something small? Something big? How does this compare to your reactions, your results?  What have you done to create the situation you are currently in? We will only get out what we put in. We need to become aware of what we are putting in. Not putting anything in? Then why on earth would you be getting anything out!?

This goes for all aspects of our lives. Transfers to relationships of all kinds really well. Got a crappy one? What effort have you put in?

I have been busy. This whole thing started so well. People and opportunities were throwing themselves at me. I was so excited. Wow, I thought. I must really be on the right path. Finally, I’ve got this. It’s in the bag. But it’s not in the bag at all. Sure I’ve gone for a few auditions that went well and ended nowhere. I’ve recorded a couple of tracks. One I wasn’t happy to share. One is still in progress. I’ve sang every single day. That makes me happy. I’ve never been this dedicated. But I’ve kind of stalled. My actions have stopped. I was ill for a couple of weeks. That didn’t help. Where as before I was actively seeking, I can’t say that the last week I have at all. I have a little. I’m trying to sort out some studio time. I have sorted out some studio time. I just need to do it. Finish sorting it out… I’ve stalled. I stopped believing in myself for a bit. Therefore my reactions have also stalled.  It’s not because suddenly the universe has decided to stop supporting me, or that this is the wrong thing to be doing. I’ve stopped doing.

You stop. Opportunities stop. It’s that simple.

Better get back on it. My apartment in New York isn’t going to pay for itself. X






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