Day #64 – Cosmic craft.

Example board.

Example board. Can be as full as you like.

Seeing things really helps you believe in them. By collecting a bunch of images and words that represent the life we want, our mind begins to believe that it is ours. When placed somewhere the board can be seen every day, it acts as a reminder to us what is important and what we are working towards. It keeps us focused. All big businesses and corporations use this technique. Mood boards. Product boards. Customer boards. Keeping what they want in mind at all times.

If you do what I outline below, I can assure you that not only will you immediately feel happier and brighter, you will feel a lot more focused and what you want will feel within reach. Yes I know. It feels like a massive task. It requires you to actually DO something. Not just read about being a better person. Or read about changing the way you think. I’m asking you to pick up a pair of scissors and a glue stick. It’s a daunting task..

What you’re going to need:

  • Piles of magazines/newspapers (it’s what you’ve been saving them all for ladies)
  • If you have none of the above print out images from your computer
  • Glue or something else sticky.
  • Scissors
  • A large piece of card/paper etc to act as your board.

Step 1.

Literally flick through any old magazines, newspapers and leaflets. Anything that you don’t mind tearing apart. Look for words that stand out to you. Images that attract you. They can be people. Places. Cartoons. Big words. Small words. Anything that stands out. It doesn’t need to make sense at this point. Trust your instincts. You’ll understand at a later date. Over the next year or so. Want a new partner? Look for pictures of people together that you perceive to be ideal. Images of hearts. The word LOVE. Want to go on holiday? Images of where you would like to go. Want to be healthier/thinner? Images of your ideal body shape, healthy foods, people exercising. You get the idea? You want it? Cut it out. Just be careful not to get sucked into the adverts and fake ideals. Remember this is about what YOU want. Not what the media tells you to want. If you can’t find the image you want, print it off the computer. This is not only a great exercise to get you focusing on your actual goals, it’s also making you go through piles of old magazines that needed to be thrown away anyway. It’s all about killing two birds.

My pile of life.

My pile of life.

Step 2.

Look at all your clippings. How do they make you feel? If any make you feel anxious in a bad way or tense, then perhaps reconsider them or look at the reasons why you think you want that particular thing. Your little pile should make you feel warm and happy. This is your pile of life. What you want. What you desire. What you can achieve. Make sure you have everything that you want. Don’t worry about how you’ll get it. Mine includes a horse. God knows where I’d even put a horse but I really like stroking their faces. You might need to add a few images to it at a later date. That’s fine. Doesn’t mean you can’t start it right now.

Step 3.

Grab your board. It can be anything. If you’re really stuck use your cereal box. Don’t make excuses. You’ll have something you can use! Now just relax and enjoy sticking your desires onto said board. As you stick each word/image try to connect with it. Imagine you have it already. The more engaged we are with this, the quicker the universe will bring it to you. Like attracts like. If you vibrate at the same frequency as the things you want, you’ll attract them quicker. It’s that simple.

Place your board somewhere that you will see it every day. Look at it and get excited. This just helps speed things up. If you’re not keen having it on show in your house, perhaps you can pin it up inside your wardrobe door or something. Personally I don’t think you should be embarrassed or shy away from your desires. Sharing your dreams also just speeds up the delivery. You’ll be so amazed a year down the line when you look back at this vision board and see just how much of it you actually achieved. It’s a great feeling. An extension of this is to use images of the things you really want on your phone/computer screen saver. Wash your brain in images of what you want.

Now isn’t that much easier to see than it was the mess in our head?

Time to get to work X






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