Day #71- Do what you can.


Here we all are. We share the same land, we breathe the same air. We live in houses next door to each other. Our days are pretty similar. We have the same desires and worries. We have all been affected by most of the same issues. Yet here we all are. Walking around like perfect selfish strangers.

When did that happen? When did we all stop caring?

We watch a moving documentary on the tv and for it’s duration we are horrified or touched. We think to ourselves, how can this go on? This needs to change. We see the same old woman going in and out of her house alone every single day and think to ourselves, God she must be so lonely. Within a short while though, for the majority of people, their own lives take precedence again, they make a cup of tea, put the laundry on and carry on with their own narrative. Full of dramas. What could they do anyway? They’re just one voice. One person. Pointless trying…

I think it’s really important we change that kind of thinking. Everybody needs to do what they can. It’s our responsibility. To our planet and to our fellow humans. So often I hear people saying, I can’t. Why can’t you? You can. Stop being lazy. Stop making excuses. Stop being selfish! You can do something. We can all do SOMETHING.

If we all did something kind or helpful every day, even every week, the average Joe would be a lot happier. Doing good things makes you happy. The emotions of joy and enthusiasm resonate at higher frequencies. Where all the good things happen. If you’re inherently selfish, being kind can still work for you. The more you give, the more you get.

You might not be able to donate to a charity every month. You might not want to. I’m not sure I’d like to do that. Where does my money go? You know, it’s a bit of a vague giving… I personally donate each month to a little girl in India. That works for me. I understand it, I connect with it and I know that I’m helping another soul do and be something. I’d like to help all the little girls in the world. Right now, it’s all I can do financially. Not everyone can donate loads of money – look inside yourself – what CAN you do. Be the change you want to see. Be an inspiration. We can all offer something. What else could you do that doesn’t require money? We can help and be of service to others in so many different and creative ways. If you see somebody struggling physically or mentally – offer your help. Just be the way you’d like the world to be. Talk to strangers. Ask them if they are ok! Smile. Laugh. In a safe way of course.

When I go to London and I’ve forgotten my oyster card, which is pretty much every time, I have to buy a travel card for the tube. It’s not cheap. If I’m leaving London that same day, I like to give it away so that somebody else can use it. It makes perfect sense to me. There’s no strings attached. I’m not asking for anything. But if someone is a) queueing and b) paying for something which I have for free in my hand, why would I put it in the bin?! That’s nonsense. But it’s not as simple as it sounds. It is SO difficult to give something away. Sometimes I’ve almost lost hope and thought ‘Screw you all! Your loss’, but that would be giving up. You can’t give up on people. The last time was my favourite. I was on my own and all dolled up from an audition. I walked towards a man who smiled at me. He was queuing up. I said hi. He said hi. He looked pretty happy we were about to talk. I pulled out my ticket and… Before I said anything he was shaking his head and saying NO NO NO NO.  I’m hardly a threat. Oh I said. I was just going to give you my ticket. WHY???? He said. Well… because I’m leaving London and its valid for another 6 hours. It seems crazy to put in the bin. OH. He said. That’s very kind of you. YES. I said. I was just being kind. He still didn’t take the ticket. He refused to believe there were no strings attached. I stuck it on the machine.

People have this horrid view of the world where if things seem too good to be true, they probably are. What a place to be in! Use your common sense… Not all strangers are going to mug you. Infact, most AREN’T.

Part of my vision is getting this massive record deal. I mean massive. Cash is flying around all over the place. I have this piece of paper with a list of people and organisations that I want to help financially on it. I meet and see so many people that deserve it. If someone’s story or efforts touch me, I make a note of their name and why I wanted to help them. I look forward to the day that I’m in a position to do that. I don’t need lots of money for myself. It’s all about sharing it out for the greater good. For now I have to find other ways to help those on my list. I’ve always wanted to do that whole buying a coffee for someone in the morning who looks like they just really need some love. Ive never done it because of the above story. I am so scared of people rejecting my kindness that I don’t offer it in the first place. That’s ridiculous. If somebody rejects your kindness, at least a conversation may ensue… I don’t know. Maybe I should just crawl back into my shell and let the world carry on as it is. It’s just that I see a lot of potential.

Be Kind. X


For inspiration on how to spread the love and kind ideas check out this website.


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2 responses to “Day #71- Do what you can.

  1. Anneli Hellström

    We can do no Great things, only small things with great love. (By Mother Teresa) xx


  2. Here’s to all of us Being Kind to our fellow human beings. xx


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