Day #111 – You hate your job.


Since starting this blog I find myself having a lot of conversations with people about their dreams and ambitions. It’s nice.

I love hearing about the person inside the person I thought I knew or only just met. It gives me faith in humans. It reminds me that we’re all the same. We all have secret ambitions that we are too scared to look at and have never shared. It makes me genuinely happy when people share these with me.

One thing that I am hearing over and over and over again is this – ‘I hate my job’.

My heart does a little sigh when I hear those words. ‘I hate my job’. It sighs because I’m becoming exhausted with humans and their nature. Most people hate their jobs unfortunately, and most people are unwilling to put some change into action.

The most obvious question to me is ‘Well why do you do it then?’ and the answers are always the same. Money is usually the top answer. People have to keep the jobs they hate for the money. FYI the latest urban myth is, jobs you love don’t pay so well. It’s spread like wild fire. Almost as popular as that urban myth about KFC and the genetically modified chickens…

What if money wasn’t the issue? What if you could find a really great paying job doing the thing that you love? I’m sure there is a way around this – to make as much money as you are now – or at least adjust to the new salary. There is always a way. Out comes a barrage of new excuses – job security, pensions, too risky, nowhere in the area, you’d have to relocate, have to do this, have to do that, too difficult… got a family now, it’s impossible.

God almighty people. Stop complaining about the job that you hate so much if you are resigned to the fact that you won’t and can’t change it. It’s such a waste of energy! If you put as much effort into doing the thing that you love as you do into the thing that you hate, you’d see amazing results!

Do you hate your job? Are you willing to do something about it? No? Then stop complaining. See Day #99 – You created this mess.

So maybe your dream job as a tree surgeon isn’t going to pay as much as your hot shot job in the city. Life is about choice. Maybe money is more important to you than loving what you do. In that case it really doesn’t matter, but quit being miserable about it. Life’s too short. Sure, money is nice. You can buy lots of stuff, go to lots of places… but if you’re spending at least 40 hours a week being miserable. Is it worth it? You’re busy saving and squirrelling money away for later. What if you don’t make it to later? I’ve also met a lot of people on the other side of work. Retired people with stacks of savings, incapable of ever spending what they have accumulated. They spent their younger years working ridiculously hard, hardly seeing each other, slaving away for their retirement in jobs they hated. What kind of life is that? Now they’re too old and too fragile to do all the things that they really wanted to do with their lives. They wanted to do things when they were younger. Now they’re too old.

It’s funny isn’t it? How most people are willing to invest 40+ hours a week on a job they hate, making lots of money for someone at the top, whilst bringing home an average wage. Yet you ask someone to invest 3 hours a week to something that they genuinely love. Their passion. Their dream. What their heart desires and the list of excuses is endless.

Don’t waste your life doing what you think you should be doing. What everybody else is doing. What makes you feel alive? What do you love? Stop living a crappy dream and grab your real one.

Life is short.

Think about it. X

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