Day #119 – How you can help the people in Gaza and Israel. Now.

Do something great today.

Do something great today.

The need to help other living things and the planet is something that has been in me since I was really small. I’d often take a black sack and walk around the village and the hills in search of litter to protect wildlife. I had a shed full of injured birds, rabbits and lambs. If I saw someone who was sad or lonely, I would befriend them. As a child, I didn’t even question it. Perhaps my parents instilled good values in me. Perhaps it was a natural instinct. I don’t know. But I do know, I can’t live any other way.

Why is this relevant to Cosmic Order or my music journey? Well. The law of attraction states that the more you give the more you get.  We are like magnets. Whatever emotion or action we are promoting from ourselves, the universe will give us that back en masse. If for no other reason than to increase your own fortune, help someone or something less fortunate than yourself. You’ll make somebody else feel great, you’ll feel great… The world will be a better place.

A few weeks ago, I organised a small protest in London for the people of Gaza and Israel (So as not to repeat myself, details of that can be found on Day #92 – Responsibility. Take some). Since then I have been trying to find other ways of helping the innocent civilians on both sides of the conflict. It’s all too easy to forget about things the minute the media decides to report something else. Here are the latest facts and figures on the recent 50 day conflict to keep you up to date.

‘In Gaza, more than 2,100 people have been killed, most of them civilians, including about 500 children… 11,000 people were injured and more than 17,000 homes destroyed or badly damaged… On the Israeli side 64 soldiers and 5 civilians including 1 child were killed… hundreds of families relocated from homes near the Gaza border…’ The Guardian, 2014

With reconstruction of Gaza set to take at least 10 years and a third of the population displaced, every inch of help is needed, both financially and politically. Simple things that we take for granted have been annihilated such as schools, hospitals, factories, water supplies, farms and power plants. What can you do? Here’s the awesome part.

Have you ever heard of the children’s charity SOS Children? As one of the world’s largest children’s charities you’d think you would have right? But putting most of their efforts and money into action rather than marketing, it’s not surprising if you haven’t.

SOS Children are non political and non religious and remain neutral in all conflicts. Based in 125 countries world wide with 547 villages in operation, the charity offer orphaned children the chance of a loving home and a bright future. The work they do is INCREDIBLE. The villages SOS children create not only offer love and support, they also provide education, healthcare and nutrition. In times of conflict, they offer emergency relief.

I emailed them and asked how we can support them in Israel and Gaza at this time. Their work there is ongoing. They are there and are facing extreme pressure at this time. They have villages in both states. Two in Israel and two in Gaza. In both, the work SOS Children do extends outside the villages into the wider community, offering medical services, family support and social centres. For more information about their brilliant work in the area check out their website   and click on each territory respectively.

Having been overwhelmed with support, the charity currently have no individual child sponsorships in Palestine but are desperate for village sponsorships or regular donations. In Palestine, these would be either Bethlehem or Rafah. Rafah being the most desperate presently. By supporting an entire village, your money will be spent in your chosen village as needed. 

When the charity told me they were in need of child sponsorships in Israel, I must admit I was shocked. It’s quite obvious that Gaza has suffered considerably more collaterally in this conflict by just looking at the figures alone. However, despite Israel’s strong economy, a quarter of the population live in poverty. Regular donations to their villages in Israel, especially Neradim, Arad, or village sponsorship would be of greatest use at this time.

Links to child and village sponsorship

Details of what a village sponsorship involves can be found here

100% of your donations go DIRECTLY to a child in need. Isn’t that refreshing? You can check out their accounts on their website if you think it’s too good to be true.

I have sponsored a child in India for around 5 years now. I have a personal address for her village, I am sent letters and photos. I can write if I want to but am not expected to. I can send her house gifts. I can put money aside for her when she’s older. It’s just such a great and personal program.

Your donation doesn’t have to be massive. Every little helps. You will be supporting fantastic work that is actually doing something on the ground and making a difference to the children and families directly affected. You can make a difference. Here is a chance.

If you can’t afford it, then spread the word. And remember you said you can’t afford it when you’re buying those shiny new shoes…

As ever, thank you so much for all of your support and the time you take to read my posts. If you enjoyed it, like it! And share!  X

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