Day #124 – No opportunity? Create one.

If opportunity doesn't knock, BUILD A DOOR!

If opportunity doesn’t knock, BUILD A DOOR!

Most of us are quite defeatist. If something feels too difficult, is a struggle or we come up against too many problems, we give up. No big deal, we thought as much. We thought it would be impossible. Proved ourselves right. Oh well. Move on. Other people are always the successful, rich and happy ones living their dream lives. We’re down here, keeping it real. Plodding along, getting through the days, keeping our chins up.

Jesus. We can’t live like this. It’s why crack was invented.

Have you ever stopped to think that people are actually all the same? Sure, some people have to struggle or work harder than others. But that doesn’t mean that opportunities are there for some and not for others. You don’t have to be special. You have to be willing to do every single thing that you deem possible to reach your goal. You have to accept that yes, some people have it ‘easy’ but it doesn’t matter. It’s irrelevant to you and your own progress.

You have to CREATE your future. Nobody is going to hand it to you on a plate. It won’t just turn up. You have to work for it. And hard.

Don’t pay attention or look at how other people are doing it. Find your own way. Where are your opportunities within your own circumstances?

We find it very easy to make a list of can’ts. The reasons why what we want to do can’t happen. We’re incredible at this. What about making a list of cans? Try it. Write a list of what you CAN do at this moment in time towards your goal. In this day and age, especially with the internet, there is always something you can do.

I have a massive list of cant’s. I used to let them rule the roost.

  • I can’t write music
  • I can’t play any instrument well enough to record
  • I dont understand a lot of technical stuff
  • I can’t afford to record something professionally
  • I don’t know any producers or songwriters I can work with
  • I have no clue how to do this

That used to be enough to put me off. I’d successfully stated my case. All of those are facts. It’s impossible. Hard. Stressful. Probably shouldn’t bother.

Only problem is, if I don’t do this, pretty sure I’m going to spend the rest of my life lost, unfulfilled and full of sadness. Failure isn’t an option. I started thinking about what I CAN do. What opportunities can I start creating around me NOW? I might not be able to see how I’ll get to my end goal, but what is a step in the right direction and will help me on my way?

I’ve started writing down words. Parts of songs. Thoughts. Rhymes. I have no idea whether it’s good or a mess but it doesn’t matter. I’m being proactive. You have to start somewhere. Besides, listening to the radio the bar seems to be set pretty low presently 😉 I also took it upon myself to ask my friend who owns a recording studio and independent record label if I can work for him in return for studio time. Amazingly, he said yes. What an opportunity. I am so excited to be in the right environment, learning about how music is made and the equipment you use. I’m all about learning and mastering your craft. Last night I was stuffing envelopes, washing dishes and hoovering a studio… At least it was a studio and not a restaurant. I also learnt how to set up the mics and tidy up cables. I now know what a jack lead looks like… It’s the right direction. Who knows what I’ll learn and where that knowledge will take me. This week I’m also going to set up something at home to record cover songs to upload to my youtube channel. Youtube is covered in people doing it. I need to start creating a bigger following. Again, it’s not the final destination, but it’s definitely on the right road.

You have as much opportunity as the man who made it and the man who didn’t. You just have to pick which path you’re going to travel on.

I feel excited. I’m finally doing life. It’s not doing  me.

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3 responses to “Day #124 – No opportunity? Create one.

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    Grab life by the horn and hold on!!


  2. I find it interesting that most people don’t realise they can create their future exactly as they want it as most people don’t realise their own potential and power. Thank you so much for your inspiration..the world needs more like you opening their’re incredible. Great things are coming with your future, im sure of it…♥ xxxxx

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