Day #144 – What is ‘Cosmic Order’ anyway?


Today, I’ve decided to share my ‘About’ page with you, as so many people don’t seem to know that it exists and although you are following my blog (Thank you!) don’t really know my motivation behind any of this…

When I set up ‘Cosmic Order’ I thought it was probably quite important to explain the point of it and my project. So people understood what the hell I’m writing about! Thing is, over 3,500 of you have read my posts. But less than 10 know about the ‘About’ page! Maybe I need to work on my web design skills… Going to master recording music first.

So here it is. In all its glory. Why I’m doing this.

My name is Gemma. I am not going to give you any numbers other than three, which is the number of beautiful daughters I have. That seems an important fact. Turns out I really quite like horses. I dream of warmer climates consistently. I’d love to meet a moose in the wild. I love forests. I love both blue and yellow intensely, which resulted in a half Swedish daughter. Uncanny. She is both blue and yellow. I want to make the world better. I don’t eat meat.

How this happened…

I’m on the other side of three children and I was thinking about what I’m going to do now. For the last few years I’ve had, and wanted, to put their needs first. I’m a mother, this will always be the case, but I’m also other things. I’m not having any more babies, I have retired from the realm of reproduction and it’s time for me to get out of this house. Nothing wrong with staying at home at all, it’s not about that. It’s just I want some more… I’ve got some more. I’m not done yet.

It dawned on me that to get any sort of work I’d need to invest a lot of time relearning really basic things like computer skills (I struggle with anything more than an email), interview techniques, sorting out my cv, volunteering… Refreshing myself. This led me to think ‘Why am I willing to consider investing time and effort into things I don’t care about to get work and not invest in what I would really love to do?’

At which point I decided. Ok. Invest in what your heart desires rather than in what you think you should invest in.

Then it all got a bit scarey because since forever I have wanted to be a singer and dreams are safe because they are just dreams.

Suddenly when you decide to look at your dreams and make them real you have to look at all sorts of skeletons in all sorts of ugly places. I’ve already tried at least three times to tell myself this is a bad idea, I’m going to fail, don’t do it. But if I don’t, it will always linger over me that I never tried to do what I really wanted. Because I was scared. Luckily, this thought scares me even more.

I started reading this ‘cosmic ordering’ book. It’s concepts are basic and are based on positive thinking, focusing, setting intentions, ‘ordering from the universe’ what you want – and getting it. It’s not magic. Or religion. Or hocus pocus. It’s kind of common sense… And I’m going to action it.

Is anything really possible? Can we actually all get everything that we want? If that’s true, why are so many of us not living our dreams?

The theory goes, if we doubt ourselves then ‘the universe’, everything around us, doubts us too. If we remove the self doubt, anything we want is ours. I want to see if this is true and document it along the way. I have given myself 365 days. Armed with cosmic ordering as a guide, I am going to become a hugely successful singer and a raging humanitarian on top of that. My ideas are big, as are my aspirations. I want to inspire other people to look at their lives, their dreams, their desires and realise that anything is possible. Everything is achievable. We just have to make it happen.

Follow my blog diary for progress reports, good days, bad days, thoughts, feelings and ideas about all of this and how I pull it off.

Be interactive – Get your own dream out of your bag, let’s discover and batter our self inflicted limitations together.

(FYI if you’re viewing the blog on your phone in the top left hand corner there are three little horizontal lines. If you click on that a drop down menu appears. Here you’ll find contact info, the about section and my inspiration!)

Thank you so much for the ongoing support! I’d love to hear from you!

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