Day #162 – Negative thoughts are a bugger.


We each have an inner voice. It can be constructive and support us. Or it can be destructive and make us feel terrible. When we are feeling motivated and upbeat, our inner voice is usually on our side. Telling us that we can do anything. We feel great about ourselves and everything that we are doing.

But what happens when our inner voice turns sour? You’re on your journey. You’ve been working like a crazy person. You’ve been so positive. Out of nowhere, or somewhere, you’ve suddenly had it. You no longer believe in yourself. You must just be really awful at everything you do. Why would anybody ever believe in you? You cant do it. What a disappointment you are.

Our inner work is never done. If you neglect it, a crash of some description is inevitable. I’ve been feeling pretty rubbish about myself. This is not a feeling you want when you are exploring the law of attraction. By thinking negative things about myself over and over, I’m creating more of it. I feel worthless, undeserving, talentless. My inner voice is saying very unkind things and I’m just sitting back and letting it. I don’t know why. I guess I still believe it on some level.

I got my recording equipment and I was so excited about it. I tried to record something and I couldn’t. I failed. The song I picked had weird timing and backing vocals and I couldn’t get my head around it. When I did, I played the recording back to myself and just thought it sounded awful. I didn’t/don’t know how to adjust the levels. I started reading about EQ and compressing… I felt overwhelmed. I still do. All I want to do is sing. And I want to do it really well. My only redeeming thought was that I was going to the studio. I’d have something recorded to upload. I’m overly conscious that I need to upload way more music. More regularly and now. I need to do that now. Nothing is going to happen for me musically without music! We recorded something and I didn’t like the way I sang. All of these things are now supporting my negative inner voice. You’re useless. Give up. Stop wasting your time you idiot.

This is what happens though! It’s the universe challenging us. Helping us develop and grow even more. You thought you’d worked through that block? You haven’t! I haven’t! I still don’t think I’m worth it. Go back and do more work. Love yourself love yourself love yourself. If you don’t love yourself, you are more likely to believe the negative thoughts and beliefs your inner voice creates. No other living thing on this planet ‘feels bad’ about itself. Let’s not either. Let’s be leaves. Or walruses.

We need to learn and master how to control our inner voice. That voice is just our thoughts and we create them. We decide whether to believe them. We can therefore decide to ignore the detrimental ones and create new positive ones. Look at where the thought is coming from. Look at what will happen if you believe it. Is it for your greater good? Do you like where this thought leads you? If the answer is no, then we must choose not to give it any attention. When the thought you are trying to rid yourself of comes into your mind, replace it. Think something positive. If you’re busy listing what you perceive to be your bad qualities, start listing your great ones! If you cant manage it just tell your negative limiting beliefs “I let you go – I approve of myself.’ Let them all go. Visualise them floating away.

You are as worthy and incredible as the stars in the sky. You are unique. And irreplaceable. That’s a true fact for all of us.

It’s funny isn’t it? We spend a lot of our lives looking for love. For the one. For somebody who will love us unconditionally. Yet most of us don’t think to look inside and love ourselves unconditionally first.

I love writing this blog. It helps me work through so many things. I already feel better and brighter. I research and discover such great personal development theories. Sharing it makes me happy because I know so many other people who struggle with the same obstacles and issues over and over again. If me being honest even helps one of them that’s enough.

Right! Let’s go approve of ourselves and remember we’re worth everything. X

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2 responses to “Day #162 – Negative thoughts are a bugger.

  1. I absolutely love this method of combatting negative emotions. Simply fight back by doing exactly what you’re doubting. Thank you! I will begin doing this immediately ☺


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