Day #165 – Music milkshakes.


First and foremost this blog is a personal account. It’s an account of me chasing my dream. It’s here to inspire you to have the courage to chase yours. By sharing my own experiences and finding ways to overcome popular and common obstacles, I hope that it encourages other people to do the same. The art of ‘Cosmic Ordering’ teaches that anything is possible. You can achieve all that you desire, with the right attitude and work ethic.

I’ve been posting a lot more personal development stuff than I anticipated to. It has been a massive part of my journey so far, so it’s been important to do that. It wouldn’t be a very honest account if I just said it was easy and starting banging out loads of recordings. It hasn’t been easy at all! Ive had to work through a lot. And I’m still going. A lot of times I’ve wanted to give up. This time though I’m going to carry on and see what happens. It’s both exciting and terrifying. I have no idea where I’m going right now.

Today though! Today! We have music.

My regular readers will already know, but for any passers by, I’ve been working at a recording studio in return for studio time. I’ve been cleaning, organising, setting up the studio, co hosting radio shows and doing a lot of promo work for Jason’s record labels debut release. Which is amazing. I have learnt so much already and feel more than lucky to have had such an opportunity.

I finally worked enough hours to get a few in the studio and we recorded our 2nd song last Friday. I’d had a version of this song in my head for a few months so I was both excited and nervous to see if I could express how and what I wanted it to sound like. Erm… I need to work on the way I describe things for sure.

The song was ‘Milkshake’ by Kelis. I wanted the chorus to be more melodic so I’d worked out a little tune in my head and I wanted it to have a really big bass sound. I was thinking along the lines of Dead Prez’s track ‘Hip Hop’. That’s pretty much all I came to the table with.

Luckily for me, Jason is incredible at making music. We started with the drums which Jason played and recorded live. I love the sound of live drums. As we were recording that, I sang alongside to guide him. These vocals weren’t supposed to be the vocal recording at all so I made very little effort. I changed key a few times mid song. It didn’t matter. It was just a guide. Jason played and recorded all the instruments live which included a Darkstar analogue synth doing bass and a Korg Polysix analogue synth doing the other sounds. He used a late 1940s RCA ribbon mic on the drums. And like on Happy, the only preamp we used was an early 50s Ampex one. The smiley happy looking one.

We sampled the lime in my beer fizzing which is the crackly sound you hear at the beginning of the track. After we layered that all together, Jason suggested we keep the pitch shifted vocal for the track. Come again?

GAH! I agreed. I absolutely and totally respect his opinion. I trust it too. We doubled up some of the vocal with me singing in the same way, but for the most part, we kept the rough, weird, partially pitch shifted vocal. I have had such a love hate relationship with this track all week. I was happy. I was sad. I lost all faith in my ability to sing. I loved it again. I still can’t really hear it properly.

I think deep down I was scared to share it incase people judged me. Incase people thought it was terrible. They might do that. I decided though that it’s so important to share both the things I’m really happy with and the ones I’m more uncertain of. If this is a journey, I can’t just show the great parts. I can’t only take pictures when we’re in a beautiful valley. I have to share the bad lands. I have to share the parts where I am exploring different sounds, different styles, different techniques. And it’s fun to explore. That is what this blog is about. That is real life. Nobody’s born smooth and brilliant. They all explored. It’s easy to forget.

So here is a sound. A song that I had in my head. That I tried to explain. Jason tried to translate that and add his own ideas and flair onto that too. It made our             sofa vibrate and our faces laugh.

Meet Milkshake. The Mr. Jason Edit.

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Much obliged as always! X









2 responses to “Day #165 – Music milkshakes.

  1. This track is SO good!! I love this version of’s gritty and feels like a totally different song! Plus it’s great to hear the range on your voice…absolute success!! Can’t wait to hear more! Xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Hoda 🙂 You’re my biggest fan! X


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