Day #171 – Be a beautiful butterfly.


I’m working through a section in my Cosmic Ordering book, the one by Stephen Richards, which teaches you to empty yourself of ‘Catastrophic Vibrational Negativity’. It runs through a bunch of areas in our lives we can eliminate negativity so that we attract more of what we want and are open to greatness.

We all have bad thoughts sometimes. We all think badly about something or someone at some point in our lives. We’re human. It would be nice if we could stop it though wouldn’t it?

Judging other people creates bad karma for yourself. Whaaat? How does that work?! You hear about someone who is doing something really terrible. You judge them, brand them as a bad person, you think you’re better than them in some way. They must have really bad karma now. Well, yes, maybe. But you do too. Sorry aboot that…

Thoughts are energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Whilst causing harm to other people is a negative and low frequency, so is judging. We are not Gods. We are not here to judge other people and their actions. We are here to live our own truths. We can discourage others to do harmful things. We can disagree with their actions even. Judging is something different. It’s negative. And remember, what you put out, you get back three fold.

Ain’t so fun wearing the judges hat now is it.

I used to be guilty of judging others when it came to parenting. I guess most parents are. It’s horrible. I didn’t mean to. But I’d see a wild child being given treats or a mother calling her child a’ see you next Tuesday’ and I couldn’t help but judge them. I’d label them as bad parents in my mind… Then I had some more children and I actually understand now. I’m at home calling my baby all names under the sun because she won’t stop crying and bribing my toddler with candy so she eats her dinner because I’m so ridiculously tired and I realise, I’m just the same. Who am I to judge? I’m just hiding it better.

We all have a Hitler in us. And we all have a Mother Teresa. We just have to decide which one we are going to nourish. Louise Hay said that. She’s full of wisdom.

Let’s nourish Miss Teresa.

Rather than judging other people, their decisions and their lives why don’t we try something else? Why don’t we offer to help? For example, if I see a mother in the street not coping with her child, rather than walking past and frowning at her as she publically swears at her child, what if I asked her if she’s ok? Can I do something to help her? I could listen to her. I could sympathise with her. Alright, so maybe she might not appreciate that exactly. But we can usually tell whether or not it would help to get involved. I don’t know what is going on with her in her life. I read once that if we all knew each other’s history and life story it would be impossible to feel anything but love.

That’s just an example. You’ll have to work out what yours is and how you’re going to address it. Drop me a line if you need some help working it out. It’s not always so clean cut. You can find out how to contact me via the ‘contact’ tab funnily enough

We also judge our friends and our family members. How they’re living their lives. Why aren’t they doing this? Why ARE they doing that? We wouldn’t do it like that. They can’t be happy. This one always gets me – how they are spending their money! Who cares how other people are spending their money!? It’s theirs! Worry about your own. The only reason people judge others financial situations is fear and jealousy. Take care of your own chickens.

If you don’t like to be judged. Don’t judge others. It’s not our place and it’s not nice. X

You know the drill… If you missed my last post, you should check out my youtube channel. There’s a new tune up with another on its little way!


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