Day #175 – Keep. Going. Always.


Normally I have quite a lot to say.

I’m feeling pretty silent though. Sometimes there’s nothing for it than to sit back and reflect. Guess I’m going through a time.

It’s hard to find the motivation and the inclination to do positive and productive things when everything around you seems to be in the air. But you must. I must. It makes you feel better. Get busy with your bliss. It’s a light.

Life is ever changing and even when we have a solid plan, things will spring up out of nowhere. Sometimes out of somewhere. Things we have been hiding. Things we have been ignoring. They pop up. Think of them as plot twists. You  didn’t know they were coming. It’s a joy of life. You’ll look back and thank them.

I made a song at home. I like that I’ve learnt from someone I admire so much. I just sang it twice and picked one. I don’t have time for anything else to be honest.  Jason mastered all the levels for me and is giving me lessons in mixing and mastering in return for beer. We like Jason. Very much. I’m going to write a bonus pimp post all about him tomorrow. Look out.

In the mean time, eat this.


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2 responses to “Day #175 – Keep. Going. Always.

  1. Ahhhhhhh INCREDIBLE!! Utter goosebumps! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. loved it Gem x


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