Day #230 – What New York did.

(Other than make me want to live there more than ever…)

For all my regular readers, you’ll know I just treated myself to a trip to NYC.  I needed a break so I took one. I took the best one. Then I took a bit more. Why? Because I needed to remember how to be free and how to breathe.

I also went to be inspired. In one short week I crammed in so many shows and gigs and people and places. I adorned myself in music and life. It was the happiest and best I’ve felt in so long. I’ve brought that home with me. I met some wonderful and beautiful people. I laughed until I cried and an existing friend turned into a best one.

What I loved the most about New York was  watching people work their arses off in pursuit of their dreams and passions. Everything seemed somewhat possible. I’m sure they didn’t feel like that but I watched them be like that. It’s a city full of people striving for more. Striving to achieve. Everybody wants to do something somewhere and they’re working at it. I probably had my rose tinted glasses on. I don’t mind. I do know that New York isn’t for the faint hearted.

We all need to feel inspired to keep us motivated. Often we expect inspiration to fall into our laps, but sometimes we have to go looking for it. If you want to get to the top of your game it’s so important to surround yourself in people you admire. Smother yourself in them. Read about them, listen to them, watch them. Ask them how they did things. How they do things. Never stop trying to improve how you do things. Never stop asking questions. It’s the only way you’ll get better.

I’ll go to the studio and make something shinier just as soon as I’ve saved enough magic coins.

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