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Day #365 – The End. The beginning.

Wow. I can’t believe it’s the end of this chapter already. What a year…

Cosmic Order started as an experiment. I like playing with things. Life is supposed to be playful. I wanted to see if cosmic ordering actually worked. I wanted to see if anything really is possible  if we are brave enough. I saw so many people, including myself, stuck in the rat race, stuck doing things society said they should be doing, being something everyone else wanted them to be. I saw a lot of sad and frustrated people. I wanted to do this experiment for them as much as me. Hell, if I can do it, then we all can.

My cosmic order was that I wanted to be a singer. I wanted a record deal. I wanted the massive record deal specifically because I wanted to be earning heaps of money so I could pile it into the community. I wanted to help fix all the things our leaders and governments are ignoring. I’m so tired of seeing people sleep outside and then walking past a derelict house.

When I started I was not a singer. I was a full time mother to three young children. I’d been at home with them, doing nothing much for myself, for the best part of three years. I’d had some singing lessons and sang a handful of times on stage but mostly in secret. Nobody knew that I wanted to sing so badly or that the only thing I really ever dreamed of was working in music. It wasn’t a real job. It wasn’t realistic. It wasn’t achievable. There is a certain amount of stigma attached to non mainstream, creative careers. A sense of ‘That’s cute, but what are you really going to do? You need to get a real job’. So you can get the mortgage and picket fence and what not. I sang at home. All the time. The minute the house was empty, from the age of fifteen, I sang to the walls. I tried to want to do other things. I studied an array of different subjects and industries, both creative and academic. None of them stuck. None of them will ever stick. Because I want to sing and work in music. It is, was and always will be music. I feel better since being honest.

I had no idea how this was going to pan out. I was terrified that I’d shared my dreams. I was terrified that I was going to get laughed at. I was terrified that I was going to fail. Or look stupid. I had no confidence in myself or my abilities. I wasn’t good enough. I had not one clue how I was going to even start making music. I’d never recorded anything myself before. Computers aren’t my friends. I knew nothing. But I decided what I wanted and started walking. Whatever thought or feeling came into my head, I wrote about it and as I slowly worked through my own demons, opportunities started coming. I didn’t look for them. I didn’t think about them. They just came. I kept working on myself and working hard in the right direction and every time an opportunity came my way I said yes. I had no idea where anything would go, if anywhere, but I trusted something would come out of everything I pursued. I would learn something in every situation.

The amount that I took on this year has been insane but you know what? You’ll work hard for the things that matter to you. If you don’t, you don’t want it enough. I did a lot of personal development work as a result of the cosmic ordering research I was doing. The more I read, the more I learnt. Anything IS possible and there is beauty and love everywhere, sitting waiting to lavish us if only we would see it. We can all lead the lives we want to. We just need to fix ourselves and our thinking first. Life is fundamentally beautiful. Shit happens, but that fact remains. It’s not a rat race. It’s not a struggle. It’s not a battle.  We weren’t born for that. We weren’t born to live a life that somebody else thinks we should live. We weren’t born to be sad. It’s a wonderful life and it’s a gift. It’s yours.

So does cosmic ordering work? That was the question. That was the experiment. The answer is yes. Without a doubt. The law of attraction is as powerful as the law of gravity. It has worked in my life in both good ways and bad ways and I’ve observed them both. When I’ve been feeling awful and negative I attracted nothing but crap and blocks. When I felt happy and positive and open, when I believed in myself, opportunities came. All I did was say out loud, ‘I want to be a singer’ and focused on that. I didn’t sit back and wait for it to be delivered on a silver plate. Life doesn’t work like that. I got up off my arse and worked until I cried. I learnt how to use my computer (a little bit), I learnt how to record music at home, I got a job working at a music studio in return for studio time, I learnt how recording onto 8 track works. I learnt a lot about the music industry. How it works. How labels work. How actually getting a record deal isn’t the be all and end all. I’ve learnt about PR. I’ve learnt that you can do everything yourself. I started a band with one of the most talented people I have ever had the pleasure of. Last week our band Rope Store played the Norwich Arts Centre, voted the UKs best small music venue, supporting Speedometer, an incredible funk band. It was our 2nd gig. I am a singer. It works. Oh the record deal bit didn’t happen. Not yet. Maybe it won’t. Maybe it will. It doesn’t really matter. I know that I could make that bit happen if I worked hard at getting it and was clear about exactly what I want. I haven’t built shit loads of affordable housing either or solved the UKs unaffordable childcare problem. But you know, give it time. It’s time for a new order.

The most wonderful thing about this has been the unexpected opportunities and lessons life threw at me along the way. The blog reminded me how much I enjoy writing and for the last few months I’ve been writing for several online magazines, building my portfolio back up, so that I can do freelance writing alongside the music. The surprises weren’t all great. Six months in I became a single parent. Dealing with a major break up and turning solo definitely impacted my progress and had that not happened, who knows where or what I’d be doing. I almost drowned a few times. I’m not a great swimmer but my arm bands are incredible. I believe that everything happens for our greater good. I got shattered, bashed and bruised and I’ve never felt so open and broken and vulnerable in my life. I didn’t know a break up could create that much seemingly endless pain and suffering. I don’t believe it should actually. But I’ve also never felt so grateful or still. Maybe I needed that. Life is beautiful.

So that’s it! Cosmic Order is over! I’m taking off. I’ve got this bass that I have to get busy with, I’m turning this blog into a book (it’s much juicier), I’ve got some original solo material I want to work on, our band Rope Store are making little ripples and I need to go outside and shout thank you to the sky and laugh my head off with my little girls.

Thank you SO much to each and every one of you. You have no idea how grateful I am for your support. I have been absolutely over whelmed by the response I have received. Over 10,000 people from all over the world have taken the time to read my ramblings. Total strangers have emailed me with words of encouragement and it’s made me so happy that I’ve helped them in some way follow their own bliss too. Please do what makes you happy.

Mr Jason. I’ll be eternally grateful to you and EVERYTHING you have taught me and helped me with. Thank you for the ear upgrade, the corona addiction and keeping me going when shit got rough. Thank you for being such a wonderful and true friend.

I’ll be back in September with a new cosmic order and a new and improved soap box. It’s far from over. In the meantime you can follow me on twitter, instagram, Facebook.. Youtube. God social media, why are there so many of you?

Things end. Things also begin. X

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Day #171 – Be a beautiful butterfly.


I’m working through a section in my Cosmic Ordering book, the one by Stephen Richards, which teaches you to empty yourself of ‘Catastrophic Vibrational Negativity’. It runs through a bunch of areas in our lives we can eliminate negativity so that we attract more of what we want and are open to greatness.

We all have bad thoughts sometimes. We all think badly about something or someone at some point in our lives. We’re human. It would be nice if we could stop it though wouldn’t it?

Judging other people creates bad karma for yourself. Whaaat? How does that work?! You hear about someone who is doing something really terrible. You judge them, brand them as a bad person, you think you’re better than them in some way. They must have really bad karma now. Well, yes, maybe. But you do too. Sorry aboot that…

Thoughts are energy. Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Whilst causing harm to other people is a negative and low frequency, so is judging. We are not Gods. We are not here to judge other people and their actions. We are here to live our own truths. We can discourage others to do harmful things. We can disagree with their actions even. Judging is something different. It’s negative. And remember, what you put out, you get back three fold.

Ain’t so fun wearing the judges hat now is it.

I used to be guilty of judging others when it came to parenting. I guess most parents are. It’s horrible. I didn’t mean to. But I’d see a wild child being given treats or a mother calling her child a’ see you next Tuesday’ and I couldn’t help but judge them. I’d label them as bad parents in my mind… Then I had some more children and I actually understand now. I’m at home calling my baby all names under the sun because she won’t stop crying and bribing my toddler with candy so she eats her dinner because I’m so ridiculously tired and I realise, I’m just the same. Who am I to judge? I’m just hiding it better.

We all have a Hitler in us. And we all have a Mother Teresa. We just have to decide which one we are going to nourish. Louise Hay said that. She’s full of wisdom.

Let’s nourish Miss Teresa.

Rather than judging other people, their decisions and their lives why don’t we try something else? Why don’t we offer to help? For example, if I see a mother in the street not coping with her child, rather than walking past and frowning at her as she publically swears at her child, what if I asked her if she’s ok? Can I do something to help her? I could listen to her. I could sympathise with her. Alright, so maybe she might not appreciate that exactly. But we can usually tell whether or not it would help to get involved. I don’t know what is going on with her in her life. I read once that if we all knew each other’s history and life story it would be impossible to feel anything but love.

That’s just an example. You’ll have to work out what yours is and how you’re going to address it. Drop me a line if you need some help working it out. It’s not always so clean cut. You can find out how to contact me via the ‘contact’ tab funnily enough

We also judge our friends and our family members. How they’re living their lives. Why aren’t they doing this? Why ARE they doing that? We wouldn’t do it like that. They can’t be happy. This one always gets me – how they are spending their money! Who cares how other people are spending their money!? It’s theirs! Worry about your own. The only reason people judge others financial situations is fear and jealousy. Take care of your own chickens.

If you don’t like to be judged. Don’t judge others. It’s not our place and it’s not nice. X

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Merci buckets Xxx

Day #61 – Actions create REactions.


Sounds simple enough right?

Everything you do. Everything you say. Everything you think is an action. We are constantly engaging in actions both consciously and unconsciously, big and small. Everything that we do, has an outcome. A reaction. The ripple that we create, spreads and causes other things to happen. It is a natural law.

You might think nothing of making a cup of tea for someone. But that small action might make the person feel cared for or especially thought of when they had been having a rough day. It might mean a lot to them at that time. Likewise you might make a passing comment to a friend. Perhaps those words were taken to heart, taken the wrong way. Perhaps they caused the other person to feel really bad about themselves. We never know what is going on behind the scenes in other peoples minds. We mustn’t take that for granted. Our words are powerful and we should choose them carefully. I know I need to work on this. Our actions, our words, create reactions, situations. We create it all. We create it. That’s an incredible piece of knowledge.

Pay attention to your words. Pay attention to your actions.

How does this relate to dream chasing? Well, if we become aware that every action we take creates a reaction, we can use this to our advantage. We can become aware of ourselves. Why have things stopped moving? Why aren’t things happening or going as we had planned? Lets take a look at our actions. What have you DONE recently in pursuit of your dreams? Anything? Nothing? Something small? Something big? How does this compare to your reactions, your results?  What have you done to create the situation you are currently in? We will only get out what we put in. We need to become aware of what we are putting in. Not putting anything in? Then why on earth would you be getting anything out!?

This goes for all aspects of our lives. Transfers to relationships of all kinds really well. Got a crappy one? What effort have you put in?

I have been busy. This whole thing started so well. People and opportunities were throwing themselves at me. I was so excited. Wow, I thought. I must really be on the right path. Finally, I’ve got this. It’s in the bag. But it’s not in the bag at all. Sure I’ve gone for a few auditions that went well and ended nowhere. I’ve recorded a couple of tracks. One I wasn’t happy to share. One is still in progress. I’ve sang every single day. That makes me happy. I’ve never been this dedicated. But I’ve kind of stalled. My actions have stopped. I was ill for a couple of weeks. That didn’t help. Where as before I was actively seeking, I can’t say that the last week I have at all. I have a little. I’m trying to sort out some studio time. I have sorted out some studio time. I just need to do it. Finish sorting it out… I’ve stalled. I stopped believing in myself for a bit. Therefore my reactions have also stalled.  It’s not because suddenly the universe has decided to stop supporting me, or that this is the wrong thing to be doing. I’ve stopped doing.

You stop. Opportunities stop. It’s that simple.

Better get back on it. My apartment in New York isn’t going to pay for itself. X





Day #29 – Appreciation and Gratitude.

When you focus too much on the problems in your life and the things you lack, you not only put all the energy in the wrong place, you become blind to the beauty that is all around you. You simply can’t get and won’t be given any more, until you appreciate what you already have and are grateful for it. Everything that you already have is enough. Yes you want more. But just stop a minute to say thank you for all that you have already. Because you have a lot. All of us do.

Can you love your life with all that you have presently? Can you be happy without the ‘more’ that you’re chasing? It’s a tough one. But we need to be. That’s real gratitude. The good news is that once you can actually do that, there’s no tricking the universe, more will flow your way. Our sense of lack and high expectations actually block us from all that we could be.

Make a list of all of the positive things in your life. Make a list of all your favourite things in your life. Fill your paper with it.  Make lists of things that you love. People you love. Smells you love. Every day just write it all down. If you go to a restaurant look for your favourite things. Expect the best. Make it a daily thing. Write lists and lists and lists of the great things in your life. However small you deem them. Think about how much time you spend typing on Facebook, twitter, text messages, iMessages, emails. You’ve clearly got the time. This will also make you glow like no expensive beauty cream ever can or will. Double whammy.

Remember that sciencey post on Day #27 about vibrations? By appreciating and being grateful for all of the positive and good things in your life, you will begin to shift into a new vibrational frequency. Let’s call it the appreciation zone. Suddenly, you’ll stop complaining and criticising. You will be attracted to better things. Things that only increase this feeling of gratitude. When you’re in this zone – actual magic happens. Well you know, it’s not magic magic, but can’t we just call it that because it sounds more whimsical? Must we always be so serious…

So say ‘Thank you”. All the time. Wake up and say it. Think it. Feel it. Be thankful in the shower, on your way to work. When you have food. When you have clean water. When somebody calls you. That you are warm. Be thankful. Make it a habit. A way of being. Even repeating the word ‘Thank you’ over and over and over again will begin to shift your mind from the negative and complaining zone to a brighter and clearer one.

If you have a spare ten minutes I really recommend watching this. Stick with it. It’s got some wise words and pictures.

(If you’re viewing this in your email you need to click on the link to my wordpress site and view the video within that.)

Be thankful for the things you want but don’t yet have. Feel them. Be grateful. Your words, thoughts and feelings CREATE your reality. X

Day #27 – How this works.

In a nutshell.

In a nutshell.

Cosmic ordering. It sounds like something Spirit and Destiny readers should do, doesn’t it? *Ahem* It depicts wish making and having to have some sort of belief in something other than science. ‘Hold on whilst I cosmic order that… ‘ It just sounds a bit crap and fluffy. So I thought I’d explain it.

First of all. The only belief you have to have is that you can achieve anything that you want. That’s the only thing you have to believe. If you doubt yourself already, then it won’t work for you. You can be atheist, Buddhist, Christian, Wiccan or a Scientologist. Whatever. None of that matters. You just need to believe in yourself. You also need to have intent. Mix the two together. You believe in your intent. Thats basically it.

How does believing in your intent make things happen? Here we go…

Science, quantum physics, is showing us that everything is energy. If we go to a sub atomic level (smaller than an atom), we don’t find matter. We find energy. At the core of EVERYTHING. Even our thoughts. There is actually no such thing as solid matter. Anywhere. Our thoughts are on a certain vibrational frequency and are a part of the vibrating universe. The Law of Attraction states that we attract what we are sending out. If your mind is predominantly filled with lack or resistance, you will feel a negative energy consuming your being. On the other hand, if you train yourself to focus on positive thoughts, you will feel yourself aligning with love and wellbeing. You will attract happy and positive people and things into your life. Thoughts create matter. It’s how prayer works. It’s how people perform magic we can’t explain. It’s why Reiki works. It’s why yoga and meditation work. Still with me?

Our thoughts have energy and therefore power. If we can recognise the power of our own thoughts – anything is possible! Think of it like this. Thoughts are seeds. You plant them. When you plant seeds you can care for them in two ways. You can plant them and hope for the best. You might be lucky and get some strong plants as long as the weather is favourable and nothing comes to eat them etc etc. Or you can decide when you plant them to give them attention. Give them energy. You can be vigilant. You can water your seeds. Feed them. Check on them. Support them. You can go outside every single day and remove the insects and creatures that are trying to destroy your plants. Your determination and focus, your intent, will manifest a strong plant. It is the same with our dreams and desires. If we give attention and focus to what we want every single day and keep at it until we are where we want to be, failure isn’t even an option. Positive energies attract positive energies and negative energies attract negative energies. Thought is the most potent vibration. This means you can attract to you what you want and wish for. This works both ways. Be careful what you think about. Ever said ‘I KNEW this would happen?’ in a negative situation? Chances are, you made it.

If everything is a vibration, we just have to tune into the right vibrations. The positive ones. Change your frequency. Switch lanes. Stop vibrating with the death eaters.

When we are angry, we are vibrating at a very different level to someone who is at peace. You don’t need to be told that. Walk into a room after two people have been fighting and you can feel the tension in the air. How do you feel that? You see. You knew about this all along. It’s actually in our nature. We have just forgotten.

If we are made up of vibrations and everything around us is also made up of vibrations so much more starts to make sense. How angry people crash with each other. How you can go into the office full of beans and feel like hell within 5 minutes. How walks in nature calm you down. How music can make you laugh or cry. How it can affect different people on different levels. We are so sensitive to sound… to vibrations. How deaf people can ‘hear’ music through vibrations. How if you pour enough love and joy into a child they are full of confidence in their abilities and vice versa if you tell a child that they are worthless. It’s not just the physical words. It’s the power in their intent.

You don’t need lots of money or special training or to know anybody important. We can all do this. You have all of the power within you to change anything and everything in your life. That is pretty awesome. X





Day #13 – Synchronicity

Some scientists see a theoretical grounding for synchronicity in quantum physics, fractal geometry, and chaos theory.

Some scientists see a theoretical grounding for synchronicity in quantum physics, fractal geometry, and chaos theory. My post explains it in Dietrich terms.

It’s happened to all of us. Those moments where we gasp with excitement or call something spooky. We laugh about how weird it was and then carry on. Sometimes if it’s a particularly large coincidence and we’re feeling courageous we will take the said coincidence as a ‘sign’, listen to something outside of ourselves, and take a leap of faith. This is synchronicity. Meaningful coincidence. The meaningful part is important.

Coincidences helped form the universe. Think about that for a second. A coincidence formed the UNIVERSE. Then you came along. Another massive coincidence. That sperm. That egg. At that moment. Out of millions. Thats a pretty big deal. But it was ‘just’ a coincidence. So if coincidences are at the core of creation… Shouldn’t we be paying a little bit of attention to them?! According to Deepak Chopra, synchronicities are manifestations of our deeper self. Our soul, or whatever you want to call it yourself.

We should be paying attention.

My friend suggested that ‘Synchronicities usually occur when you’re on the right path’. I can see that with hindsight. Perhaps a particular song plays on the radio every time you are thinking about a particular issue, or the same person crops up throughout your life for no apparent reason. Maybe you’re considering volunteering for a charity and everywhere you go, you see a sticker or sign for a particular cause. We can brush these coincidences off, or explore them. We are usually too stubborn and/or stressed to be able to listen to our gut feelings. We have the urge to approach a stranger or do something outside of our normal routine and we ignore it. We aren’t comfortable with it. We haven’t got time. But what would happen if we did pay attention to all the small coincidences?

Fifteen years ago, I started drinking in a bar in the city where I live. I’m not that old. I was very young. It’s pretty gross. Regardless. There I was. Having a great time. The bar staff were pretty memorable. As were the ice cream cocktails. What else are you going to drink at 15?! But that was that. It was a fun time. A large part of my life. At that time.

Eight years ago I was eating pizza. I was with some friends in a restaurant and we were talking about the world. The beauty of it. The trouble with it. We were talking about how everything unfolds. Our waiter was one of the barmen from the above mentioned bar. Not that odd really. It’s a small enough city for that to happen. It was nostalgic to see his face. When we came to pay, he said ‘Your friend has already paid for you’. None of us had paid. An old man on a table close to us, who we hadn’t seen or spoken to, had paid our bill. He said to tell us, ‘The Lord works in mysterious ways’. That memory, for obvious reasons, has always stuck with me. Our conversation mixed with the strangers actions was a bit too much to brush off. It was beautiful.

Eight months ago I was sitting beside my boyfriend and he was watching a video of his friend playing the piano. Ha! That’s the same barman mentioned twice above. He’s playing on the piano where I have singing lessons. I have singing lessons with an amazing woman who actually lived my teenage dream. She was Cinderella in Disneyland. Among many other things.

One month ago, Tommy met up with him and pimped me out.

Yesterday, he was at my house, helping me do some music.

Now if that isn’t synchronicity, I’m not too sure what is.

Look carefully for opportunities that are put in your path. These coincidences are there to guide you, to let you know you are going in the right direction. You are following the right path. Unless of course they are bad coincidences then I’d say jump off that train. Try to find the message in the coincidence. Does it resonate with your intuition? You’re not going to find meaning in every single coincidence that happens to you, sometimes the interactions you have are synchronistic for one person and not the other. Sometimes it’s just a little reminder that there is a force much greater than us and to know that everything is unfolding as it should. The more you practice this, the more aware you will become. Its pretty fun too. Everyone loves a coincidence.

Fix up. Look sharp. X